Check out the JavaScript SDK if you wish to control the session from the frontend.

Base URL

The base URL (referred to as base_url in examples) is the session’s embed URL with the query parameters removed. For example, given this response from POST /vm:

  "session_id": "52f968cb-6739-4197-83d7-2305fe5d6f54",
  "embed_url": "",
  "admin_token": "51JOZEEcMp4trCwbpTS3jjQc0lSmeAZpPfxioDqe73U"

The base_url value would be:


To authenticate, provide the session’s admin token as a bearer token in the Authorization header.

For example:

curl -X POST \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer 51JOZEEcMp4trCwbpTS3jjQc0lSmeAZpPfxioDqe73U' \
    -d '[1, {"active": true}]'