1. Session API
  2. Overview

Check out the web SDK if you wish to control the session from the frontend.

Base URL

The base URL is the session’s embed URL with the query parameters removed. For example, given this response from POST /vm:

  "session_id": "52f968cb-6739-4197-83d7-2305fe5d6f54",
  "embed_url": "https://vwdrccwgpv181powg61ggyvy.hyperbeam.com/Uvloy2c5QZeD1yMF_l1vVA?token=c8iw3SmQglOU0ugfLr3dWY2LalSKI_WOGUldEt8knbw",
  "admin_token": "51JOZEEcMp4trCwbpTS3jjQc0lSmeAZpPfxioDqe73U"

The base URL would be:



To authenticate, provide the session’s admin token as a bearer token in the Authorization header.

For example:

          curl -X POST \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer 51JOZEEcMp4trCwbpTS3jjQc0lSmeAZpPfxioDqe73U' \
    -d '[1, {"active": true}]'