1. Dispatch API
  2. Get Single Session

Get Single Sessions


          curl -H 'Authorization: Bearer <your-api-key>' \

Example response

  "session_id": "c5772689-2255-4e59-8cea-b846cda7ad4e",
  "embed_url": "https://96xljbfypmn3ibra366yqapci.hyperbeam.com/AAEjQFOIRnyeb81XbBsHMw?token=VTWsp1KGn4lLySRkUCmmAhsCcqJrPdhTXNS0Y-KPwHU",
  "admin_token": "DrXWd9QguPRSXwhQn4yJ66sExpoV0BZtAfZsseYECKo",
  "termination_date": null
session_idstringThe ID of the cloud computer session
embed_urlstringA URL you can load into the web client on your website
admin_tokenstringA token that grants access to the cloud computer API and an exclusive subset of the client-side web API. Needed for setting permissions and programmatic control.
termination_datestring or nullThe termination time of the cloud computer session. Formatted according to RFC3339 (e.g. 2006-01-02T15:04:05Z07:00). null if the session hasn’t terminated yet.